Resolution of the First Repeat Session of the Ordinary General Assembly

The Greek Organization of Football Prognostics S.A. (OPAP S.A.) announces, according to article 278 of the ATHEX regulation, that on Wednesday, June 25th, 2008 the First RepeatGeneral Meeting of the Company’s Shareholders was held at the Company's offices, 62 Kifissou Ave. in Peristeri. The First Repeat General Meeting was attended in person or proxy by 291 shareholders representing 174,165,898 shares out of a total of 319,000,000 shares, namely 54.60% of the paid in share capital.
The First Repeat General Meeting of Shareholders, compiling the required by law quorum, adopted the following resolutions on the issues of the Daily Agenda:
Issue: Amendment, re-wording and supplementation of Article 2 of the Articles of Association (statutory scope of the Company)
The First Repeat General Meeting approved the amendment, re-wording and supplementation of the scope of OPAP S.A. (Article 2 of the Articles of Association) so as to include to statutory scope, inter alia, the adoption of consistent and systematic measures aiming to implement the public policy about the restriction of gambling and the resultant eventual addiction; the cooperation with competent authorities for effective prevention and suppression of criminal acts that may be related, directly or indirectly, with betting and generally, to ensure the organisation, operation and holding of the Company’s games and its promotion in a socially responsible manner.